How Online Shopping Makes Suckers of Us All

So, I stumbled across this article while comparing prices for some OCR gear – a wetsuit for WTM in particular.  This is a fascinating behind the curtain look at how online retailers set prices and takes advantage of buyer’s naiveté.

One tool I strongly recommend everyone have when comparison shopping is a price tracker plugin like or to ensure that a sale isn’t right around the corner.

Even still, as the article notes online retailers are making huge strides in predicting consumer behavior.  It’s probably only a matter of time before these trackers are no longer effective.

Will you pay more for those shoes before 7 p.m.? Would the price tag be different if you lived in the suburbs? Standard prices and simple discounts are giving way to far more exotic strategies, designed to extract every last dollar from the consumer.

Source: The Atlantic

What 2,000 Calories Looks Like

Everyone knows that restaurants, especially fast food and chain restaurants, tend to pump up the flavor (and calories and cravings) by adding extra fats and sodium as compared to what home cooked meals.  Even still, these comparison photos of 2000 calories worth of food are are pretty mind blowing.

Italian sandwich, chips, drink and cookie.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

See the full article at the NY Times for more photos.

“Zombie” Outbreak Caused by Synthetic Cannabinoid

Image result for zombiesFrom the New England Journal of Medicine comes a weird one today.  Apparently there were clusters of “mass intoxication” in New York that public health officials were having a hard time explaining.  They ended up attributing it to the use of synthetic cannabinoids.  This study details the:

close collaboration between clinicians and public agencies to detect the causative agent of a mass intoxication in New York City. The patients they reported on had psychomotor slowing, intermittent groaning, and a blank stare as signs of depression of the central nervous system.

Sounds like an April Fools joke, except it’s not.  I know one thing for sure, I am always going to keep my distance from a crowd that is moaning and groaning!

Source: NEJM

Dick’s Sporting Goods Launches Second Skin Compression Line

Shop Second Skin Compression Apparel

Dick’s announced a new line of high-tech compression clothing today called Second Skin intended for use by high intensity athletes like triathletes, cross fitters, and obstacle course racers

Second Skin is designed for high-intensity athletes who are constantly striving to meet and surpass individual fitness goals. These athletes are an underserved and growing population, ranging from long distance runners and triathletes, to functional fitness and high intensity interval training enthusiasts, to obstacle course racers and anyone who enjoys intense training or competitions.


The new compression line supports athletes throughout their fitness journey – from training, to competition and beyond. “We saw an opportunity to better serve our customers by designing and building products for a specific type of athlete who participates in sports with unique demands like obstacle course racing and functional fitness and puts incredible pressure on his or her body to perform at its peak,” said Ryan Eckel, Vice President of Brand at DICK’S Sporting Goods.

They additionally announced that they had enlisted more than 200 athletes who are well respected in their individual fitness communities including Hunter McIntyre – elite Spartan Race athlete.

Second Skin is available exclusively online at and



The Complete Guide to Toughest Mudder – Obstacle Racing Media

What can we do that is more badass than a Tough Mudder and kind of resembles that 24 hour sufferfest but is something doable for most people and how do we include the most unique pieces of WTM so that we have a totally different event that people want to both participate in as well as interesting to watch on TV? Well you need to have this event go for a long distance or time in order to elicit a similar effect as WTM. You also have to have that unique component of darkness so it’s going to have to be at night. Lastly, we need to make sure we up the ante on the obstacles because those are our staple! Throw all of those things together and you come up with…Toughest Mudder?!?!

Another good writeup of the Toughest Mudder

Source: Obstacle Racing Media

High-Protein Low-Carb Cheesecake

High Protein, Low Fat, Low Carbs – almost Paleo, but not really if you don’t do dairy.

This is a healthy version of the famous Juniors New York style cheesecake that you can fit in your nutrition plan! This cheesecake has about 1/3rd of the calories, fat, carbs, and sugars but is high protein! This is done by making some specific substitutions but retaining the overall texture and taste.  The result is a delicious dense New York style cheesecake with a nice crust.

I love cheesecake but if you’re on any sort of nutrition plan it’s typically off the list. I’ve tried ‘diet’ versions before but they typically pale in comparison to the real thing.  Well, after an office party where cheesecake was the main event, I decided I had to find a good recipe I could fit into my diet.

I started with the regular high-calorie and full-fat version made famous by Juniors and experimented with substitutions to fine tune this recipe. There were some truly horrible iterations in the beginning that are more typical of the the ‘diet’ ones you’ve probably tried.  I finally worked out this version which is about as close to the original as you can get.

If you’ve been craving a desert that fits your macros give this one a shot. I promise it’s the best one you’ve tried and it’s hard to believe that it’s not the real thing. (more…)

How stevia may help to control blood sugar

Stevia is my hands down favorite non-sugar sweetener.  It’s natural and has been used for decades in Japan elsewhere but is relatively new to the US and European markets where it was actually banned for some time.  Now that it has become more mainstream and being studied more it seems that there actually may be health benefits from it:

In experiments involving cell cultures, the researchers found that stevia activates TRPM5, which is a protein important for the perception of sweet, bitter, and umami tastes.”The taste sensation is made even stronger by the stevia component steviol, which stimulates TRPM5. This explains the extremely sweet flavor of stevia as well as its bitter aftertaste,” notes Philippaert.Furthermore, TRPM5 prompts the beta cells of the pancreas to release insulin after food intake. This helps to regulate blood sugar levels and prevents the development of type 2 diabetes.

Makes you wonder who funded those early studies that caused it to be banned in the first place.

Source: Medical News Today