Four Mental Strategies for Fitness Success

Investing in a new program or online training subscription? Before you spend all your hard-earned cash, make sure you have the right mental approach to ensure that you will follow through with it. There is nothing more cliché than buying a home treadmill to collect dust or a gym membership that never gets used.

…Money will only buy you methods, not the motivation to train.

While I agree that you should be in the right frame of mind before you start a fitness program I totally disagree with the writer’s premise that money is not a great motivator.  On the contrary, I think for many people, myself included, money spent on a fitness program, personal trainer, or gym membership is a tremendous motivator.  Sometimes, it’s that desire to get your money’s worth that puts you over the edge about committing to a fitness strategy.

That being said, the four strategies outlines in this article are all sound:

  • Finding clarity in your goals
  • Get accurate (positive or negative feedback) on your results
  • Find your purpose and establishing clear goals
  • Do something you love and find a program that you enjoy doing

One thing that’s missing however….  Do your research before settling on a program.

Source: Breaking Muscle