Dick’s Sporting Goods Launches Second Skin Compression Line

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Dick’s announced a new line of high-tech compression clothing today called Second Skin intended for use by high intensity athletes like triathletes, cross fitters, and obstacle course racers

Second Skin is designed for high-intensity athletes who are constantly striving to meet and surpass individual fitness goals. These athletes are an underserved and growing population, ranging from long distance runners and triathletes, to functional fitness and high intensity interval training enthusiasts, to obstacle course racers and anyone who enjoys intense training or competitions.


The new compression line supports athletes throughout their fitness journey – from training, to competition and beyond. “We saw an opportunity to better serve our customers by designing and building products for a specific type of athlete who participates in sports with unique demands like obstacle course racing and functional fitness and puts incredible pressure on his or her body to perform at its peak,” said Ryan Eckel, Vice President of Brand at DICK’S Sporting Goods.

They additionally announced that they had enlisted more than 200 athletes who are well respected in their individual fitness communities including Hunter McIntyre – elite Spartan Race athlete.

Second Skin is available exclusively online at SecondSkin.com and dicks.com