Dear Mark: Raw Mushrooms, Tom Brady’s Diet, and Beta-Glucan Alternatives

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Love him or hate him, you have to admit that Brady’s approach to nutrition and training has paid off.  Mark Sisson takes a look at Tom Brady’s diet among other things.  That being said, his diet is nuts, but it’s clearly not just his diet that has enabled him to sustain his level of excellence.

Brady goes way beyond diet. He’s made an entire lifestyle shift, including going to bed by 9 PM and avoiding parties and alcohol. He shies away from heavy lifting for fear of excessive “shortening” of the muscle, opting instead for flexibility, which he says “softens” and “lengthens” the muscles.Whatever he’s doing works. Not every individual piece of his diet and lifestyle approach is optimal. But the stuff that works is enough to push him over the edge.

Source: Mark’s Daily Apple