Dick’s Sporting Goods Launches Second Skin Compression Line

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Dick’s announced a new line of high-tech compression clothing today called Second Skin intended for use by high intensity athletes like triathletes, cross fitters, and obstacle course racers

Second Skin is designed for high-intensity athletes who are constantly striving to meet and surpass individual fitness goals. These athletes are an underserved and growing population, ranging from long distance runners and triathletes, to functional fitness and high intensity interval training enthusiasts, to obstacle course racers and anyone who enjoys intense training or competitions.


The new compression line supports athletes throughout their fitness journey – from training, to competition and beyond. “We saw an opportunity to better serve our customers by designing and building products for a specific type of athlete who participates in sports with unique demands like obstacle course racing and functional fitness and puts incredible pressure on his or her body to perform at its peak,” said Ryan Eckel, Vice President of Brand at DICK’S Sporting Goods.

They additionally announced that they had enlisted more than 200 athletes who are well respected in their individual fitness communities including Hunter McIntyre – elite Spartan Race athlete.

Second Skin is available exclusively online at SecondSkin.com and dicks.com



The Complete Guide to Toughest Mudder – Obstacle Racing Media

What can we do that is more badass than a Tough Mudder and kind of resembles that 24 hour sufferfest but is something doable for most people and how do we include the most unique pieces of WTM so that we have a totally different event that people want to both participate in as well as interesting to watch on TV? Well you need to have this event go for a long distance or time in order to elicit a similar effect as WTM. You also have to have that unique component of darkness so it’s going to have to be at night. Lastly, we need to make sure we up the ante on the obstacles because those are our staple! Throw all of those things together and you come up with…Toughest Mudder?!?!

Another good writeup of the Toughest Mudder

Source: Obstacle Racing Media

Race Recap: Toughest Mudder West

Bookmark this one if you’re running the Toughest Mudder. This is very thorough rundown by Mud Run Guide of the Toughest Mudder West, one of the first events held in this new category.

The purpose of this recap is many fold: to share insight into this new event type for future competitors, to let people considering this event-type know what they’re getting into and what it feels like to do these types of crazy events.

On the importance of getting there on time:

We arrived at roughly 9:00pm, and there already was a moderate line of cars on the side of the road to get into the venue. They opened the gates at 9:25pm and parked us so that we had access to our trunks. We formed a line in front of registration and started they let us go in around 10pm.

People who started lining up their cars at 9:30pm or later faced a significant delay getting into the venue. Some were bringing their stuff into the venue at 11pm. There weren’t enough pit spots for all the participants, so some opted to use the tables open to the air outside the tents.

On the strategy for running the first loop, which is an open sprint with no obstacles.

All obstacles were open by 1am, but certain obstacles like Kiss-of-Mud at mile 4 were open for almost all competitors whereas others like Blockness Monster at mile 2 opened at 12:30am. Therefore, there was extra incentive to take advantage of the free miles. However, as a student of endurance racing, you may know that for every 1s too fast you start, you lose at least 3s to your final mile.

Interesting to learn that there were two separate courses, an A and a B and they shifted from one to another about halfway through… and it was harder.  TM basically uses their standard course, which typically split at the base camp, and shifts from one half to the other.

Course B: 3:45am to 8:30am – The Ridiculously Hard Course. This included the main full-Tough Mudder signature obstacles like a modified King-of-the-Swingers, Funky Monkey the Revolution, Arctic Enema, Kong, and, of-course, Electroshock Therapy.

Finally, on a comparison of Toughest Mudder to World’s Toughest Mudder:

The prevailing take home message from many participants is that Toughest Mudder West was harder than WTM. The primary reason for this was the hills. Since this was not WTM, the obstacle density was diminished compared to WTM, but it was similar to a regular course.

I’m running the Chicago Toughest Mudder in a few months. Should be a fun time.

Source: Mud Run Guide

U.S. National OCR Championships with Joe DeSena

Joe DeSena, of Spartan Race, is interviewed by Jay Bode for the Overcome and Run Podcast.  He talks about the creation of the new OCR Championships and the Olympics.

Joe explains how and why they were selected to host the U.S. National OCR Championships in Florida. He shares additional details about what Spartan Race brings to the table for the race and what their plan is for the race. Unfortunately, he wouldn’t tell us who the Race Director or Course Designer will be, that information is being held Top Secret till the race in April.

We talk about his goal of getting OCR into the Olympics. I accidentally gave Joe the idea for scales for the bucket brigade, good luck everyone who will now have to be sure that they full their buckets past the holes.

Listen to the full interview: Overcome and Run

Norm Koch Joins Bonefrog Race Series


Looks like Norm landed with a new company pretty quickly. The outfit behind the excellent Bonefrog Race Series, has announced that Norm Koch, formerly of Spartan Race joined their team as Lead Course Designer.  This is exciting news for Bonefrog which has offered up some great challenging races and has been growing steadily every year.  Signing a top-notch course designer is only going to make this already great series even better.  From their news release:

Yes, it is true! World renowned Course Designer (formerly with Spartan Race) and winner of multiple “Best Race Director” awards, Norm Koch, has signed up as Lead Course Designer for the BONEFROG race series.


Norm’s first world class course will be at the upcoming Austin, Texas BONEFROG event. From then on, ALL BONEFROG courses in 2017 will be official “NORM” courses.  Norm Koch has designed some of the world’s best obstacle race courses in the last 7+ years for Spartan Race, and he now brings all that experience to the BONEFROG team.


We hope you will join us in welcoming him and want to offer you a discount code saving 20% off ANY BONEFROG event in 2017. Just find a race below and use the code NORM when you check out.

As part of the announcement, Bonefrog is offering a 20% discount on all of their 2017 events.   Register for an event now!

NE Spahtens Interview with Norm Koch

Paul Jones of NE Spahtens – which is a great New England based Spartan group – has a really good interview with Norm Koch in Episode 36 of their podcast.  Norm is the former Race Director at Spartan Race and recently left after several years of legendary course designs.

Norm attributed the parting of ways to creative differences.  Apparently, the Spartan Race wanted to develop some consistency among race venues.  In other words, they want race design that could be adapted to any venue.

I definitely see both sides of it.  I think the bottom line is that… it’s about the dollar.  They want a cookie cutter course, they want it to be standardized, and you can’t have my race standardized amongst all of them.   You know, some people love my course, some people hate it and say they’ll never come back.

Norm went on to say that Spartan dropped him as an employee a month ago but asked him to stay on in a contract capacity.  Ultimately, he decided that the time away from his family and they type of work wasn’t for him so he decided it was time to part ways.

They’ve grown to a point where they want a certain type of product and consistency and that’s just not going to fly with me.

He reiterated that he’s not leaving OCR and he hopes to work with some other organizations to keep designing courses.  Hopefully he lands somewhere soon and he will be missed. Listen to the entire podcast at newenglandspahtens.com

Source: New England Spahtens


Train Like a Pro: Robert Killian


Robert Killian is a Spartan Pro from South Carolina who ran his first race just two years ago in Breckenridge, Colorado, where he placed 3rd overall.

Although, at the time, he’d only run in four Spartan races, that doesn’t mean he was inexperienced. Before ever attempting a Spartan race, Killian had already won numerous triathlons, competed internationally on the Army Biathlon team, and won both the individual and team categories of the military division at the Ironman World Championships in Kona. He was also named 2010 Army Athlete of the Year.

Killian is an army veteran and an experienced athlete.  The 2010 Army Athlete of the Year has competed in numerous triathlons and won both the individual and team categories of the military division at the Ironman World Championships in Kona.

To maintain such a high level of performance, Killian continues to focus on cycling, swimming, mountain running and cross training. Many days, he does what he refers to as “power hours.” “Every hour I take five or ten minutes just to do one OCR task,” he explains. This includes carrying a sandbag, spending time on his rig, and climbing his rock wall. In order to help prevent over-training, Killian sticks to workouts that involve what he would see in a race.

Good approach.

Source:  Obstacle Racing Media

Tough Mudder Introduces New Prizes And “The Holy Grail”

Tough Mudder announced some details around their competitive series, including new info about Tougher Mudder series, some updates around World’s Toughest Mudder, and they introduced “The Holy Grail”.

This is Tough Mudder’s answer to the Spartan Trifecta.  Now that they have introduced the Toughest Mudder and the World’s Toughest Mudder this seemed like the next logical step.

Source: Tough Mudder Introduces New Prizes And “The Holy Grail” – Obstacle Racing Media