Burning Fat as Fuel


In this article the strategy of utilizing fat stores for endurance athletes is explored.

The interest in burning fat more efficiently during exercise is not a new trend. Endurance athletes and exercise scientists have been looking into this idea of “metabolic efficiency” for over a century. Why? Most trained runners carry ~1,500-2,000 calories of stored carbohydrates and over 80,000 calories of fat (Yes, even the string beans).

So, the typical athlete has around 40x more energy in fat stores than they do in carbohydrates.  Makes sense from a physiological standpoint.  So, do you use a Ketogenic or similar strict low carb diet to tap into it?  The article advocates for maintaining a lower-carb diet but really focusing on the source and avoiding processed carbs.

Nutrition plays much more a role than exercise in fat loss and metabolic efficiency. The key of this phase is to remove all grains and process/refined carbohydrates from your normal intake; this does not mean all carbohydrates.


There is nothing wrong with carbohydrates – our brain, muscles, and blood cells need them, and they are a critical component for recovery. Rather, the problem comes with the lack of quality, and excess in quantity, in which we consume them in the United States.

With this approach, along with a prolonged low intensity fasted training to condition your body to tap into fat stores.  More on this to come.

Source: Trail And Ultra Running