Daily Archives: May 5, 2017

4 Late-Night Protein Treats To Pair With Milk

Some good tasty and healthy treats here.  The cheesecake looks interesting and I might try it…  but I’ll bet my high protein cheesecake recipe is better.

Late-night cravings threatening to ruin your otherwise clean day? Next time the munchies hit, reach for one of these protein-rich desserts.

Source: Bodybuilding.com

Your perfect body game plan 2017


Some pretty good advice for trying to attain the perfect physique.  One of the exercises they suggest that I recently incorporated into my chest routine are Suspension Trainer Flyes.  They look easy, but they are brutal.

Source: MensFitness.com

Spring Shoe Review

Our feet have been busy testing the Spring shoes that are out this season! There are so many good options to choose from, finding the right shoe for your needs is easier than ever – picking just one might be the hardest part.

Great review source for a number of new footwear options for 2017

Source: Trail And Ultra Running