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Tough Mudder Introduces New Prizes And “The Holy Grail”

Tough Mudder announced some details around their competitive series, including new info about Tougher Mudder series, some updates around World’s Toughest Mudder, and they introduced “The Holy Grail”.

This is Tough Mudder’s answer to the Spartan Trifecta.  Now that they have introduced the Toughest Mudder and the World’s Toughest Mudder this seemed like the next logical step.

Source: Tough Mudder Introduces New Prizes And “The Holy Grail” – Obstacle Racing Media

Norm Leaves Spartan Race


Norm Koch has been a Race Director and the man behind the madness for Spartan Race for quite a while.  This is a big loss for Spartan.  Norm’s course designs are legendary.

Participants developed a love, hate relationship with his particular style of torture.  In turn they birthed the battle cry , “EFF NORM!” This infamous cry became the racers mantra and echoed through courses (and Facebook) around the country.

I’ll admit to uttering an ‘FU Norm’ on the most brutal course I’ve ever run at Killington in 2014.  It was the World Championship that year and Norm really amped it up.  Misleading mile markers, a death march, frigid ladder climbs, close to 17 miles…  this guy could be sadistic at times.  There were a lot of DNF’s that day.  I wasn’t one of them, but it was close.

According to Norm, Spartan has gotten too big and too corporate.

My ideas and Spartan have changed, I feel an inability to make the changes that I wanted to due to the size of the company

But he is also clear that he is not leaving OCR behind and wants to continue being a course designer.

 I would love to do something like designing courses for existing series and working with their brands to offer signature courses,

Starting a new series where I have complete creative control over the process is my goal. Any investors feel free to hit me up…. hahahaha.

So, look for a course by Norm somewhere in the future.  Best of luck Norm, wherever you land.

Source: Norm Koch Leaves Spartan Race – Obstacle Racing Media